Donuts, Tigers, and Granny

Thanks for letting me take another vacation without you! This time, I am visiting Granny in Scottsdale, Arizona. I flew in yesterday and didn’t get to her place at Scottsdale Park Suites until around 9PM, but she had still waited to have dinner with me! Then, she stayed up till around 1AM watching the Olympics, while I fell asleep next to her on the couch. She kept nudging me to tell me about exciting plays in the women’s ice hockey final game against Canada, such as when they went into overtime, and then a shootout, and then the US finally won.

The next morning, Granny showed me how she likes to sip her coffee and take in the sunshine. She heats up her coffee around 5 times in the microwave before she finishes it. She says that the little atoms slow down, and she needs the microwave to tell them to speed up and get excited again (totally accurate, I just love the way she says it).

She has some really awesome food (must be that that masters in Food and Nutrition!), and we had yummy avocado and egg on multigrain toast for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went down to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls. The place she is staying at lets her golf for free! Granny has some really good teaching techniques, like holding the club upside down and swinging it a little to start to feel the motion. After we finished the bucket of balls, we chipped a little bit, and then we putted a little bit. Overall, I think it went a lot better than when I went to the driving range with you and you had to hold my head in place so that I wouldn’t keep missing the ball.

You would think that little old granny would be wiped out after all of that, but she had more in store for the day! We stopped for a Chai Latte (me) and a Cafe Latte (Granny) from Starbucks and some donuts from BoSa Donuts. She chose an apple fritter, and I chose a raspberry filled donut and a cinnamon roll donut, because really, I couldn’t choose.

Feeling fat and happy, we made our way to the Phoenix Zoo, which was swarming with children.

We saw lots of animals, including Galapagos turtles! A keeper told us that two of their turtles are named Mary and Mosey, and they are currently dating. Mary is about 90 years old, and he didn’t tell us how old Mosey is.

This tiger was pacing back and forth by the window. She looked like she wanted to eat all of the little kids lined up there.

My watch was still forward an hour, so we thought we only had 15 minutes to get some lunch before the train tour of the zoo that we had signed up for, but luckily we had an extra hour to eat a burger (me) and a hot dog (Granny) and to watch giraffes and other animals wandering about a large enclosure.

After the train ride, a bird pooped on my head, so we decided that it was probably time to head home and shower before celebrating National Margarita Day.

Since there were $5 margaritas all night and since margaritas are Granny’s favorite alcoholic beverage, we had not one, but two margaritas each! We also had fish tacos, which seems a little weird in Arizona, but they were delicious! Granny has coupons from the place she stays for free entrees at Loco Patron, so we  only had to pay for the margaritas, AND we had leftovers. Double win!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Oh wait, I do know: I have my first ever tee time at 2:30PM (not the same as tea time)! Stay tuned for how that goes… {insert anxious excited emoticon here}

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  1. The weather was warm and sunny up here in MA, too! BUT I had to go to work, didn’t get any donuts, or do anything fun like golf, go to the zoo or slowly sip coffee. So you win the who-had-the-most-fun-day contest!

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