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To Hide a Ring

…on a bicycle for over 5,000 miles. I found these notes from Chris about where he would hide the engagement ring for our summer 2015 bike trip. No wonder he was so careful with his handlebar bag! 😉

He wound up putting it in a little plastic box, wrapping it up in duct tape, and keeping it between the cloth lining and hard plastic of his handlebar bag.

La Luna de Miel

All the hard parts of getting married are finally behind us: planning (although we had quite a bit of help), writing and delivering vows, dancing,  breaking the piggy bank, and, quite possibly the worst of all, going back to work for a few days between the wedding and the honeymoon.  Throughout all of this, we had been looking forward to 10 days of adventuring and relaxing in Quito and the Galápagos Islands (Ecuador), and the day finally arrived for our honeymoon!  “Luna de Miel” is the literal translation of “Honey Moon” in Spanish.

Chris and Rachel at Terminal E at Boston International Airport

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Choosing a DJ

Gotta get the beat bumpin’.

Stevie helped me out with this one, too– another brother-in-law! Blake’s older brother, Chris, does weddings. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’m featured on his wedding page:


(That’s me at Stevie’s wedding 🙂 )

A great name, a great price, and musically inclined, we’re excited to have Chris at our wedding!