Camelback and Golf

Granny is one hip gal! She has many friends, she uses Uber, and she always has an activity planned! We have gone to the driving range almost every day with her goal of making me a golfer, and I have now played a round of golf (well, almost)!

I found out on Friday that Molly and Sam were in town visiting Sam’s cousin, so I met up with them to hike up Camelback Mountain. It was a short hike, but there were some treacherous parts that involved some hands-and-knees crawling! It offered a really nice view of Pheonix:

It was fun seeing Boston friends in Pheonix!

After a 2:30 tee time with Granny (we only made it through about 12 holes), we went over to The Side Door, where we got free drinks with our golf score card (unfortunately, not because we did well; they give a free drink to anyone who played a round of golf). We also ate dinner there.

And, wouldn’tchaknowit, Granny has even more activities lined up for the next few days! 🙂

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