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To Hide a Ring

…on a bicycle for over 5,000 miles. I found these notes from Chris about where he would hide the engagement ring for our summer 2015 bike trip. No wonder he was so careful with his handlebar bag! 😉

He wound up putting it in a little plastic box, wrapping it up in duct tape, and keeping it between the cloth lining and hard plastic of his handlebar bag.

One of those rides

Some days going for a bike ride can feel like a chore and I find myself looking forward to the finish, especially if I’m trying to keep a certain pace or just get a good workout.  And then there are the days when you’re just cruising along, thinking that you would keep going forever if you had the time.  Today was one of those days…

I stumbled upon the Cross Lexington Bike Path and it was a treat!

Can’t wait for the next opportunity to actually just keep going!