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Hot and Windy (50)

The heat and fireworks thwarted our attempt to get to sleep early last night but nevertheless, we woke before 5AM this morning.  A storm was rumbling in the distance, so we hurried to a convenience store in search of a quick breakfast, but the owner must have still been sleeping off last night’s festivities.  Alas, we settled for granola bars, sheltered from the rain underneath the gas pump canopy.

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The Grass Desert (48)

This morning we talked with Lisa and Jenny while having breakfast – mostly about Norway, which is very high on Rachel’s list.  They are from Voss, which apparently is a popular outdoor sports destination.  We mentioned how we would love to visit someday and were delighted when they offered to host us, which we certainly will not forget :-). Good luck on the rest of your trip, Jenny and Lisa!

When we left the shop, we made a pit stop down the street at Druber Donuts, which was amazing.  We each chose two donuts: one for now and one for later in the morning.
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