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Pro Athletes

We heard that if you are sponsored, you are an professional athlete. We are choosing to embrace that statement, whether or not it’s true.

A huge thank you to Maine Bike Works for sponsoring our trip!! As if they haven’t done enough already, they are now funding part of our trip. Jason suggested that we use a good portion of their contribution to go towards ice cream; he doesn’t even know how far I’m going to take that suggestion.

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Trip Companions

Welp, the rumors are true: my parents are officially joining us for a segment of the trip in Montana! Their broken bones from ski and hockey season have healed sufficiently. Chris and I shipped our hardtail mountain bikes out to Bozeman, MT for them to get used to riding, and, although they have both already crashed on them (unfortunately, this is not at all surprising; for some reason, Hogues tend to be reckless AND uncoordinated– best combination ever!), they are both still gung-ho about going. Thanks to my brother, Wesley, and his wife, Meagan, for taking them for a practice ride, although I doubt the GDMBR will be anywhere near as treacherous:

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