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Tug boat

After the cyclocross race this morning, a relaxing afternoon was in store for Rachel & me.  And being such a beautiful, sunny day, what better way to relax and enjoy the weather than by floating atop a body of water?  We invited both my parents, but only got one bite.  Since the kayaks were both claimed, my mom dusted the cobwebs off her old inflatable boat and we were a trio.

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Giant Pretzel

Maders Pretzel

This was just the beginning of a great feast at Mader’s German Restaurant in Milwaukee, WI. ¬†Thanks to MK for insisting that we stick around for the afternoon to see downtown and eat some great German food at one of his favorite restaurants. ¬†The food certainly didn’t disappoint, the service was fantastic and the building has some great history. ¬†Highly recommended!