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GDMBR Week 9


Weeks 9 & 10 combined for a meager 128 miles of forward progress along the trail, but we did a lot of other fun activities with friends and family between Lynx Pass Campground and Como, CO.   This was all by design, however, as we had been planning to meet my brother and sister-in-law in Silverthorne for a week of hiking & camping in week 10, but were a week ahead of schedule.  Fortunately our good friend Derek lives in Boulder, CO and was willing to let us crash in his apartment for the week!

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GDMBR Week 6

Obligatory photo under Jackson, WY antler arch in town square.

Week 6 of our GDMBR trip only featured one day of cycling, from Colter Bay to Jackson, WY.  It began with a rest day at Colter Bay Campground with our friends Gillian and Grant.  We enjoyed lounging and swimming at the Jackson Lake beach in the morning, but the solitude was soon disturbed by crowds of people, giant floaties and kids splashing around.  At that point, we decided to retreat to our campsite, where we spent the remainder of the day relaxing, tuning our bikes, and hanging out with G&G.

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Fibbage at Killington

It’s safe to say that I laughed so hard that I cried multiple times this weekend. We really enjoyed skiing at Killington with Max, Liz, Robin, Jarrod, Will, and Morgan. Per usual, we stayed up until 4AM on Friday night, this time playing Fibbage and Drawful and laughing hysterically.

The weekend also included a delicious family meal (yes, I took home all of the leftovers, despite Liz’s repugnance), composed of veggies and hamburgers and sausages cooked over the fire.

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