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Donuts, Tigers, and Granny

Thanks for letting me take another vacation without you! This time, I am visiting Granny in Scottsdale, Arizona. I flew in yesterday and didn’t get to her place at Scottsdale Park Suites until around 9PM, but she had still waited to have dinner with me! Then, she stayed up till around 1AM watching the Olympics, while I fell asleep next to her on the couch. She kept nudging me to tell me about exciting plays in the women’s ice hockey final game against Canada, such as when they went into overtime, and then a shootout, and then the US finally won.

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Back to Flag (77)

Sadly, the post office did not have Chris’ wallet when we stopped by. Luckily, the gal working that morning was very helpful. We explained the situation so she gave us her name and told us to call Monday; she would tell us over the phone whether or not it had arrived.

We backtracked to Flagstaff and actually had to use the windshield wipers for a light shower- the first rain we’ve seen in a long time! 

In Flagstaff, we stopped at a bike shop for a new tire for me and a new rear wheel for Chris. His rim was cracking around the spoke nipples. 

Jon then showed us around town, and we even had a free ride on a conference bike! Alpine Pedaler is a local company who takes people on bar crawls with these bikes; sounds like fun to us!  

We met a bunch of Jon’s Flagstaff friends later in the evening and even had a fun FaceTime session with our pals back east, who were congregated for a weekend in Stonington, CT.

Thanks for an awesome day, Jon!