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Southwestern Honey-Chipotle Glazed Salmon

We tore this recipe out of a Costco magazine, and we really liked it, so I’m saving it here. I was worried it would be really spicy after licking some Chipotle chili sauce off of my finger, but the honey did a great job making the spiciness completely manageable. Also, they say 4 fillets, but we got through 9 fillets with the amount of salsa that this made, and I even forgot the black beans (I did end up needing to double the glaze, though). We served it over rice.

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Hockey Pasta

There’s a bit of a story behind this recipe. In high school, when I played ice hockey, we would have pasta parties the night before each game. I forgot to mention one of these dinners to my mother until the day of it. She whipped together a bunch of ingredients to make what we now call hockey pasta. That woman has impressive culinary skills, and it was quite a hit.

The second time that I brought it to a pasta party, my coach and his daughter, “number six” (we were all jersey numbers for those four years, even his own daughter, in his own home), drove me home after. I forgot the leftover hockey pasta in their car. When they reached their house and discovered that they were locked out, they sat in the car eating the hockey pasta with their hands until the Mrs. got home. They declared it a delicious lifesaver.


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