Western Maine & Tim Pond Bikepacking Weekend

In case you haven’t heard, we are planning another long bike tour next summer.  This time it will be different, though, because the majority of it will be on trails and dirt roads.  To handle the different terrain, we will use different gear – this style of bike touring is referred to as bikepacking.  Due to weddings and other craziness this spring and summer, though, we haven’t had a chance for any practice (“shakeout”) tours until now.

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To Hide a Ring

…on a bicycle for over 5,000 miles. I found these notes from Chris about where he would hide the engagement ring for our summer 2015 bike trip. No wonder he was so careful with his handlebar bag! 😉

He wound up putting it in a little plastic box, wrapping it up in duct tape, and keeping it between the cloth lining and hard plastic of his handlebar bag.

Chris + Rachel