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Welcome! We are Chris and Rachel, AKA “Chrachel”. We enjoy time with family & friends, cycling, hiking, camping, traveling and adventuring in general. This blog is meant to share our experiences with anyone who is interested in seeing what we’ve been up.

A handful of our most recent posts are linked below, otherwise follow this link for all posts in reverse chronological order.  Additionally, the left sidebar and top primary menu links can be used for scanning through old posts.

Hope you enjoy!

Love, Chrachel

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    • Orange Salmon
      In Dinner, Recipes
      This recipe was given to me at my bridal shower by my cousin, Jenn. It’s delicious, and it came with this sweet note from her.
    • To Hide a Ring
      In Wedding
      I found an old note by Chris about where he might hide the engagement ring during our 2015 summer bike tour, up until the time he presented it to me!
    • Visiting Montana
      In Cycling, Travel
      My time here so far has been great fun! I’ve gotten lots of time with family and friends. I went on a few bike rides, including biking with my dad to work. …
    • Jam Fund Grand Fundo
      In Cycling
      I joined my friend Andy for my first long ride of 2017, the Jam Fund Grand Fundo, in Northhampton, MA.
    • There’s Something About Jary
      In Travel, Wedding
      Jary = Jay + Mary This weekend, these two lovebirds had a beautiful wedding on Peaks Island, off of the coast of Portland, Maine. …

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