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Monadnock HikeHi all, we are Chris and Rachel, AKA “Chrachel”.  We met at Union College and started dating during the summer of 2010 as we were approaching our senior year.  We had been a part of the same group of friends since sophomore year, but did not start spending much time together exclusively until the end of our junior year.  Part of the reason that we enjoy being together so much is because of a mutual love for being outdoors and adventuring, which you will quickly see if you browse through the blog.

Funny college picsWe both grew up in Connecticut (Hartland and Madison), but during our sophomore year, Rachel’s family moved to Montana.  In 2011 we graduated with majors in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.  After a week of partying with friends and delaying the inevitable goodbyes, Rachel followed the rest of her family to Bozeman, Montana. Thus was born our long-distance relationship.  A few months later, I (Chris) started work at an engineering group in Massachusetts, and we both settled into our grown-up routines.

It was during this time period that the blog was started, as a device for sharing with each other in between visits.  That went on for a year, until Rachel picked up and moved to Boston, cutting the distance from 2,300 miles to only 120 miles.  We decided to keep the blog going, though–a digital scrapbook of sorts– despite the increased frequency of visits with the distance significantly lessened.

IMG_0041.2A year or so later, we were growing tired of the situation and began sporadically looking for solutions to the long-distance problem, to no avail.  A bike tour was an idea that came up in the midst of it all.  We both agreed that biking across the country would be amazing to do someday, but it was cast aside as a pipe dream.  After continued difficulty finding work in close proximity to each other, we began setting deadlines which would get extended several times before finally saying that if no other solution was made, we would do something crazy like leave our jobs for some epic trip and start from scratch afterwards, for better or worse.  Given the current situation, I’m sure you can gather how that worked out.  Eventually, we decided this was the perfect opportunity for the bike tour, and we set our sights on the spring of 2015.

As I write this, we are only a few weeks away from setting off.  Our plan is to use the blog to document the trip, to share with friends and family, but also for us to look back on years down the road.  We are hoping to make daily posts (although they might not be posted daily, depending on wifi availability), and we hope you will check back once we are underway, to experience our trip vicariously through our pictures and words!


Contact Info
Chris: smithcc89@gmail.com
Rachel: hoguer711@gmail.com

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  1. Hey Chris ~ I have told Rachel, but wanted to tell you also that I’m so excited to watch your journey through your blog & pictures. I’ll be praying for you guys as you travel. When you’re at the cottage, I’d love for us to meet you there or anywhere & buy you a nice meal! Blessings for a fantastic trip!!
    Aunt Linda

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