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GDMBR Week 6

Obligatory photo under Jackson, WY antler arch in town square.

Week 6 of our GDMBR trip only featured one day of cycling, from Colter Bay to Jackson, WY.  It began with a rest day at Colter Bay Campground with our friends Gillian and Grant.  We enjoyed lounging and swimming at the Jackson Lake beach in the morning, but the solitude was soon disturbed by crowds of people, giant floaties and kids splashing around.  At that point, we decided to retreat to our campsite, where we spent the remainder of the day relaxing, tuning our bikes, and hanging out with G&G.

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“Flora & Fauna” Loop Ride

We got up extra-early this morning to drive to Hartland, so that we could sneak in a ride in before running wedding errands and painting for the afternoon at my parents house.  En route we were delighted to stumble upon a local Boy Scout troop offering free donuts and coffee in return for donations at a rest stop along the highway.  Then, we enjoyed clear blue skies and crisp air while riding the Flora & Fauna loop  between Avon and Granby, CT.

Rachel riding along Nod Rd. underneath the Heublein tower.

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