Master of Computer Science

Finally!!! I came home after my last class of graduate school to find the table set with some champagne glasses. I also noticed a very nice note waiting for me:

I’m very glad to have time to be your buddy again 🙂 Then, I got another surprise when you pulled some mini corn dogs out of the oven!

Yum!! They came in a box with minions on it, too!

It’s safe to say that I’m not very good at opening champagne bottles, but I did eventually get the cork out.

What a treat!

And then there was more! You did a nice job plating this snickerdoodle salted caramel ice cream sandwich and Little Debbie Christmas cake:

I loved watching the original Grinch movie with you while we ate our sweets. Thanks for all of the support and help you gave me while I took my classes. You make an excellent house hubby!

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