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XC Tour Follow Up

With 5,600 miles, 16 states, and too many donuts to count behind us, the trip is over, and we are now trying to re-acclimate to the routine of normal life.  Rachel was back at work only a week or so later, and I am realizing that my immediate job will be as an assistant wedding planner.  Hopefully I’ll find time for a new engineering job on the side soon, though!

A big thank you to everyone who followed us for this journey; your support always helped us continue on.  Another big thanks to the people we met along the way who were so generous.  We were so pleased to experience so much kindness from so many strangers; it was truly incredible.  For everyone that took us into their homes, gave us meals, and even those that cheered for us as they passed in a car along the way: thank you SO much! You made our trip amazing; you lifted our spirits, and you kept us going!


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Vikingsholm (93)

We had another slow morning today, which always feels great after so many early ones throughout the trip.  The plan for today was to go for a hike, but, first, Rachel needed to find a dress for her brother Wes’ rehearsal dinner, which will happen a few days after we make it to Bozeman.

She found the needle in the haystack at Ross’, and then we made our way to D.L. Bliss State Park, where we would start hiking.  Our plan was to follow the Rubicon Trail along the perimeter of the lake to Vikingsholm, in Emerald Bay.

Not sure where they got the idea for this pose…

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Getting Our Feet Wet (92)

This morning, Jim and Jeanette treated us to a fantastic breakfast of french toast, bacon, and coffee.  It was a slow, relaxing morning, but we put together a list of things we wanted to do while were at Lake Tahoe so that we wouldn’t be too lazy!

The first item we checked off was to drive up to Heavenly, a ski resort that Jim and Jeanette and Jim’s family went to before Rachel even existed.  On our way up there, we got our first views of the lake and  all of the casinos on the Nevada side.  Up at Heavenly, though, we got the best views of the lake yet.

Group photo from up at Heavenly.
Group photo from up at Heavenly.

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