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Bozeman Part V: Jellystone National Park

We drove down through Paradise Valley to Yellowstone National Park. On our way in, we picked up a national parks pass for the year, so that we can use it on our bike trip across the country; we found out that one pass lets four bicycles in. Since it was still early in the year, there weren’t very many people around.
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Bozeman Part I: Snow

We expected this to be a ski trip, so when the forecast predicted snow on Wednesday, Dad took the day off from work to ski with us at Big Sky. There was plenty of fresh snow, but it was heavy! We definitely got our workout in, and it was warm enough that we sat outside to eat lunch. Check out that snazzy jacket on my dad!

IMG_0891 IMG_0895 IMG_0883Stay tuned for biking, hiking, and boiling in a river!