Getting Our Feet Wet (92)

This morning, Jim and Jeanette treated us to a fantastic breakfast of french toast, bacon, and coffee.  It was a slow, relaxing morning, but we put together a list of things we wanted to do while were at Lake Tahoe so that we wouldn’t be too lazy!

The first item we checked off was to drive up to Heavenly, a ski resort that Jim and Jeanette and Jim’s family went to before Rachel even existed.  On our way up there, we got our first views of the lake and  all of the casinos on the Nevada side.  Up at Heavenly, though, we got the best views of the lake yet.

Group photo from up at Heavenly.
Group photo from up at Heavenly.

On our way back to the house, we ran a few errands in town and then stopped for hot dogs and hamburgers at a small restaurant.  After eating, we decided on the next order of business: getting onto the lake on some stand up paddleboards!

The water was extremely clear and the sand sloped so gently out into the water that you needed to walk a couple hundred yards before you could even paddle without having the tail fin drag in the sand!  After another couple hundred yards, there was a big dropoff, but even out there, the water was delightfully warm.  We brought the GoPro with us to capture a few action shots.

The rentals were a bit expensive, so we opted for the shorter boards, which made the experience more fun. We all had our share of falls due to choppy water, but no one was complaining. It was a good time all around!

Afterwards, we cleaned up at the house and then walked to MacDuff’s Pub, per the recommendation of the owner of South Lake Tahoe Standup Paddle.  We all ordered entrees to split, and everything tasted great :-).

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