Vikingsholm (93)

We had another slow morning today, which always feels great after so many early ones throughout the trip.  The plan for today was to go for a hike, but, first, Rachel needed to find a dress for her brother Wes’ rehearsal dinner, which will happen a few days after we make it to Bozeman.

She found the needle in the haystack at Ross’, and then we made our way to D.L. Bliss State Park, where we would start hiking.  Our plan was to follow the Rubicon Trail along the perimeter of the lake to Vikingsholm, in Emerald Bay.

Not sure where they got the idea for this pose…

While hiking, we came across several boats anchored near the edge. It turned out there were some hooligans cliff jumping just out of the frame of the picture. Notice how vibrant the colors of the lake were (the photo wasn’t enhanced)!!
A few friendly ducks near Vikingsholm.
View of Vikingsholm from the waters edge.
View of Vikingsholm from the waters edge.
Jim, Jeanette and I in the Vikingsholm courtyard.


Although this hike didn’t have much elevation gain, it was our longest of the trip (~9.5 miles round trip), and we were very tired afterwards.  We finished just before dark and settled for ice cream and tacos for dinner (in that order).  Afterwards, we quickly got to sleep and decided to save packing for the morning, since tomorrow we will resume riding.

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