XC Tour Follow Up

With 5,600 miles, 16 states, and too many donuts to count behind us, the trip is over, and we are now trying to re-acclimate to the routine of normal life.  Rachel was back at work only a week or so later, and I am realizing that my immediate job will be as an assistant wedding planner.  Hopefully I’ll find time for a new engineering job on the side soon, though!

A big thank you to everyone who followed us for this journey; your support always helped us continue on.  Another big thanks to the people we met along the way who were so generous.  We were so pleased to experience so much kindness from so many strangers; it was truly incredible.  For everyone that took us into their homes, gave us meals, and even those that cheered for us as they passed in a car along the way: thank you SO much! You made our trip amazing; you lifted our spirits, and you kept us going!



We enjoyed another day and a half relaxing and sight seeing in San Francisco, then rented a car and drove to Bodega Bay (home of “The Birds”) where there was more relaxing for three days.



After those days were up, we had a mini road trip through Napa Valley, the Northern CA coast (redwoods), Oregon, Crater Lake National Park, and eventually back to Bozeman, where we stuck around for a week for Rachel’s brother Wes’ wedding, and plenty of family time (although Rachel went into the office for a few days while we were there).

DSC08102 DSC08125DSC08144 DSC08147

Dinner at Rachel’s parents home. L to R: Brandon, Hannah, Rachel, Jeanette, Jim, Linda, Patti, Chris, Sam, Taylor.

DSC08159 DSC08162 DSC08181 DSC08228

The boiling river in Yellowstone with Hogues and Crispells

Now, we’re both back east, and back to riding.  Tomorrow, we’re taking part in a 100 mile ride to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  We’ve been on a handful of rides since finishing the trip, so hopefully we’ve maintained most of the strength and endurance we built up.

If you’ve been considering donating on our behalf, you can still donate on our original fundraiser page (http://www2.michaeljfox.org/site/TR?team_id=11530&fr_id=1720&pg=team), or on our fundraiser pages for the New England Parkinson’s ride:

Rachel: http://www2.michaeljfox.org/site/TR/Athletic/TeamFox?px=1805556&pg=personal&fr_id=1760

Chris: http://www2.michaeljfox.org/site/TR/Athletic/TeamFox?px=2158183&pg=personal&fr_id=1760

Thanks again to everyone; we hope you enjoyed following along with our trip!!


3 thoughts on “XC Tour Follow Up”

  1. Miss you guys, and we will miss following your adventure! So glad you got to see 16 states and meet so many awesome people as well as the generous relatives!

  2. Loved following your adventures with you. Thanks for sharing your journey and congratulations on your engagement :-).

  3. I’m so happy for you guys, and so proud of you both for completing your trip! This has really been amazing to read! The photo’s have been fun to see, and we could better visualize all the incredible sights that you saw! I read your blog entry as soon as I got the emails …. looking forward to the wedding blog (if there is one). Taylor, Hannah, Brandon & I loved seeing you in Montana!! xoxo Aunt Linda

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