There’s Something About Jary

Jary = Jay + Mary

This weekend, these two lovebirds had a beautiful wedding on Peaks Island, off of the coast of Portland, Maine.

We took a ferry over to the island on Friday, where we met up with 15 of our college friends at this lovely house –

On Saturday, Brittany, Alicia, Jenny, Tori, and I took the ferry back over to Portland, where we enjoyed some cava, oysters, and lobster rolls at Eventide before making the spontaneous decision to buy matching sweatshirts. One of the employees asked if he could take a picture of us in front of the store: “The store owner will love this!” People definitely had trouble figuring out why five girls were walking around Portland with matching sweatshirts. We received some weird questions like, “Are you in all in the Miss Portland contest?” With two more Union weddings to go this month, and six more this year, this matching apparel could become a theme.

We even got one for the bride:

After grabbing a beer at Gritty’s, we took the ferry back over to the island for the main event!

I might have had a few fly-aways

The night ended at the house we were staying at, with some glow-in-the-dark bocce and a rousing speech from Jay and Mary, where Jay asked everyone to remember that Saturdays are for the boys, and Mary promptly contradicted him. 🙂

Cheers to the Philbricks!

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