In the Nicolai of Time

#InTheNicolaiOfTime was Kendra and Brint’s hashtag.

Though I became the pseudo wedding coordinator this past weekend, I still had a great time catching up with family.

I loved rooming with Grandma; we had some good heart-to-hearts about farm life and Grandpa
(but good luck trying to get her to look at a camera:
“Grandma, you’re not even looking at the camera.”
“Well, that’s OK.”):

She and Uncle Ken have this “relaxing” thing down pat:

Ally Jane was adorable, per usual:

I always enjoy hangin’ with Grace. We unintentionally matched shoe and toenail color for the rehearsal dinner:

Even though it rained on Saturday, everyone still had a great time:

And I brought you back plenty of food from Sunday brunch (you’re welcome):

One thought on “In the Nicolai of Time”

  1. Looks like it was a great weekend. My favorite picture is the one of you and Grace, with the stranger directly between you two, looking right at the camera from the background.

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