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Picking a Photographer

My matron of honor, Stevie, has made my life exceedingly easy. Her brother-in-law, Aaron Huberty, is going to be our photographer!

Also, in case anyone has been looking for them, we are not doing engagement photos. There was some sort of compromise for this, as Chris is very against these staged photos, but I can’t remember now what I got out of the compromise? I’m going to have to work on my bargaining skills.

For the wedding, though, Aaron is reasonably priced and takes lovely pictures! Besides, Chris keeps telling me we only need 4-5 good ones.

I did make him buy a tandem bicycle and pose for our save the date…


You can see the shadow of his mother, Linda, taking the picture in the bottom right-hand corner ­čśë

The Most Difficult Task

Picking a date and venue.

After this first task, Chris and I were about ready to just go down to the town hall to get hitched. However, in light of how our family and friends would feel about that, we finally settled on a date and time.

The first big question: New England or Montana? Montana would be cheaper for us, more expensive for Chris’ family, my extended family, and pretty much all of our high school and college friends. Accordingly, I acquiesced, and we chose New England.

We both like a rustic feel, and we both like the fall in New England (with the added benefit of cooler weather for the easily-perspiring Chris). Thus, we thought that October would be the perfect month, and a barn would be the perfect setting. We came up with a list of places, near and far:

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