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Casey’s bachelor party

IMG_0004I’m sure it’s no surprise that I brought my usual games – cornhole, polish horseshoes, and giant jenga.  I’d say it was cornhole or giant jenga that got the most attention, but Casey, Corey, Jaime and I had a great game of polish horseshoes Saturday afternoon.  You can see most of our site in these pictures, also.  It was perfect for our group… plenty of space so that every person could have their own tent, and then still enough room for games and a bunch of cars.  We even had our own water spicket and a huge fire pit!IMG_0007After scavenging for some firewood the first night to supplement the small amount of firewood we purchased from the campground (which wasn’t a very good deal per usual), which turned out to be super wet.  With that wood, our fire the first night wasn’t very awesome.  On the second night though, we got creative for our source of firewood.  One way was to drop a few trees near our site, one of which you can see me working on below.  It was so tough to get down, though, that I had to use my 3rd arm!

IMG_0010As a result, the fire the 2nd night was much more exciting.  We had fun melting plenty of beer cans and even some bottles.  And we had some near-empty citronella candles which provided some very high flames.  This picture below was funny because Casey had fallen asleep, and then we got the fire huge and he was still sleeping for a while despite being so close.  At one point, he was sleeping and Jaime lit up a small firework and dropped it directly underneath his chair.  When that went off he was startled and jumped up instantly… we were lucky he didn’t jump into the fire.  Everyone else got a good laugh at least, though.IMG_0012Unfortunately, there were no pictures taken rafting – but as you can see below it was very tiring!!  Casey’s shirt was compliments of Charity & Cameron, and he wore it all weekend.IMG_0014All in all, I think the party was a success.  Definitely not as glamorous as Julie’s, but I really think everyone enjoyed themselves.  It was just nice to get everyone together to hang out and have some fun.

Turn Down for What?

Best buddies:
Max thought he was being artsy taking pictures with his rad camera, but I was being even artsier, taking pictures of him taking pictures.

Best quote of the weekend, you to me on the ride home: “You think I’m being mean, but I’m just being honest.”

Even though Max and I planned everything, and even though I forgot charcoal despite making a list of what to bring, you and Liz were great participants this weekend at Lake George. Thanks for still being cheerful after getting rear-ended on the way home from PA on Friday, and for still making it to your house in time for us to get to Roger’s Rock Campground by 9:03pm.

I enjoyed our hike, even though we went beyond the top of Five Mile Mountain. I almost pooped my pants when that grouse attacked Liz, and she screamed. She thought it was an eagle, but my first thought was a bear! It’s also pretty cool that we saw a timbler rattler; I didn’t even know that there are rattlesnakes in the ‘dacks!

Overall, great weather and even greater friends.

Summer Breeze Century Ride For Autism

We did it! Our first official 50 miler! And I didn’t even get hangry… luckily, they had those delicious pb & js, watermelons, oranges, and bananas at that pit stop.

In my new cool shorts and my awesome new gloves (not pictured here) with my sweet new bike computer!

The “fat tire” kids, as a few of the other bikers referred to us as. Maybe we will get lucky and win one of the radical road bikes they are raffling off.

Thanks for carrying everything 🙂

Also, I’m excited to “inadvertently” match you in our new shirts… muahahah.

The camping beforehand was fun, too! I’m glad we got to go to the Fish Tale and get dinner and ice cream, and also that we made it to Cohen’s in the morning for some delicious bagels.

Thanks for bringing the jiffy log and the s’more supplies:

Block Island Bike Tour

We camped out at Burlingame the night before. 
In the morning, we ate breakfast at Two Gulls Cafe, and then took the high-speed ferry over to the island with our bikes.
 Our route:

 First an out and back from the dock to the Northern lighthouse,

 Then around the perimeter of the island (with stops for an Arnold Palmer from one of the many lemonade stands and checking out the Southeast lighthouse).

We then stopped for lunch near the dock and afterwards rode back up to Rodman’s Hollow where we hiked to the beach for a swim and a short nap 🙂

Once we were finished at the beach, we rode back down the hill via Old Town Rd and got ice cream while waiting to take the ferry back to the mainland!

XC Bike Trip Training

The race logo!
Scenery on the ride there.

Exploring Bennington College
Sunday morning @ our little tent site with the cheery little camper inside!! 🙂
Map of the day’s ride, including the ride down to Dunkin Donuts for food and coffee before we started the marathon course.  The numbers along the route denote the mileage at that point in our ride, in 5 mile increments.  The total distance that this shows obviously doesn’t take into account the detours we took, both on purpose and by accident.


Graph of the elevation for the whole ride… on either side of mile ~30, it should be a mirror image.

Highlights, in chronological order:
-Waking up next to a nice little pond in our cozy sleeping bags and tent 😉
-Cameron’s shorts
-Watching the start and then getting breakfast even though we didn’t have time for the Diner
-Leaving ~1hr after start  and enjoying good weather and scenery for the 1st half of the ride
-Cheering on Cameron @ about mile 20!
-Cheering on Julie (& Casey) @ about mile 21!
-Cheering on Charity @ about mile 24!
-Following Charity through the finish (~3hrs, 27 mins)
-Seeing a random lady collapse near the finish :-/
-Cameron finishing under 4hrs
-Julie (&Casey) finishing… hopefully Julie will qualify for Boston next time around
-Snacks at the finish line
-Rachel betting me a gatorade that she could run over a orange traffic cone without crashing.  I was happy to lose this bet and cough up the change @ Stewarts 🙂
-Riding in light rain
-Getting a little wet and dirty
-Getting soaked and covered in dirt from the road
-Rachel getting hangry and acting like a person from the Snicker’s commercials “You’re not you when you’re hungry”
-Riding up the big hills back to the start line
-Changing into dry clothes in the field where the car was parked
-Eating our leftovers from Chili’s the night before on our ride home