Summer Breeze Century Ride For Autism

We did it! Our first official 50 miler! And I didn’t even get hangry… luckily, they had those delicious pb & js, watermelons, oranges, and bananas at that pit stop.

In my new cool shorts and my awesome new gloves (not pictured here) with my sweet new bike computer!

The “fat tire” kids, as a few of the other bikers referred to us as. Maybe we will get lucky and win one of the radical road bikes they are raffling off.

Thanks for carrying everything šŸ™‚

Also, I’m excited to “inadvertently” match you in our new shirts… muahahah.

The camping beforehand was fun, too! I’m glad we got to go to the Fish Tale and get dinner and ice cream, and also that we made it to Cohen’s in the morning for some delicious bagels.

Thanks for bringing the jiffy log and the s’more supplies:

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  1. Very well done! I like the pics of us after the ride, but I think my favorite is the one of you at the campsite šŸ™‚ it came out surprisingly well, you look really nice, and it shows all the nice stuff we had with us for the night!

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