Casey’s bachelor party

IMG_0004I’m sure it’s no surprise that I brought my usual games – cornhole, polish horseshoes, and giant jenga.  I’d say it was cornhole or giant jenga that got the most attention, but Casey, Corey, Jaime and I had a great game of polish horseshoes Saturday afternoon.  You can see most of our site in these pictures, also.  It was perfect for our group… plenty of space so that every person could have their own tent, and then still enough room for games and a bunch of cars.  We even had our own water spicket and a huge fire pit!IMG_0007After scavenging for some firewood the first night to supplement the small amount of firewood we purchased from the campground (which wasn’t a very good deal per usual), which turned out to be super wet.  With that wood, our fire the first night wasn’t very awesome.  On the second night though, we got creative for our source of firewood.  One way was to drop a few trees near our site, one of which you can see me working on below.  It was so tough to get down, though, that I had to use my 3rd arm!

IMG_0010As a result, the fire the 2nd night was much more exciting.  We had fun melting plenty of beer cans and even some bottles.  And we had some near-empty citronella candles which provided some very high flames.  This picture below was funny because Casey had fallen asleep, and then we got the fire huge and he was still sleeping for a while despite being so close.  At one point, he was sleeping and Jaime lit up a small firework and dropped it directly underneath his chair.  When that went off he was startled and jumped up instantly… we were lucky he didn’t jump into the fire.  Everyone else got a good laugh at least, though.IMG_0012Unfortunately, there were no pictures taken rafting – but as you can see below it was very tiring!!  Casey’s shirt was compliments of Charity & Cameron, and he wore it all weekend.IMG_0014All in all, I think the party was a success.  Definitely not as glamorous as Julie’s, but I really think everyone enjoyed themselves.  It was just nice to get everyone together to hang out and have some fun.

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  1. hahahah the picture of sleeping KC is funny! Your third arm looks very convincing 🙂

    In the fire picture, it kind of looks like the person next to KC is on fire!

    That looks like fun; seems like you and Corey did a good job planning and bringing the party!

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