Turn Down for What?

Best buddies:
Max thought he was being artsy taking pictures with his rad camera, but I was being even artsier, taking pictures of him taking pictures.

Best quote of the weekend, you to me on the ride home: “You think I’m being mean, but I’m just being honest.”

Even though Max and I planned everything, and even though I forgot charcoal despite making a list of what to bring, you and Liz were great participants this weekend at Lake George. Thanks for still being cheerful after getting rear-ended on the way home from PA on Friday, and for still making it to your house in time for us to get to Roger’s Rock Campground by 9:03pm.

I enjoyed our hike, even though we went beyond the top of Five Mile Mountain. I almost pooped my pants when that grouse attacked Liz, and she screamed. She thought it was an eagle, but my first thought was a bear! It’s also pretty cool that we saw a timbler rattler; I didn’t even know that there are rattlesnakes in the ‘dacks!

Overall, great weather and even greater friends.

One thought on “Turn Down for What?”

  1. Nice job! Too bad we didn’t get a picture of the snake.

    Wish I could be back there now though, the sunset shots by the lake look really nice.

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