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‘Children of the Corn’ Bike Ride

This ride got its name from the other Chris – because the whole thing is through farmland, which is great scenery, but smelly and buggy at times.  You’ll notice though… no hills!  It was crazy how flat it was, which is great (and makes me super spoiled for when I come home and try to ride far), but it was a long time to keep your butt on the seat regardless.  Overall a really nice ride (I always say this), and it taught me the importance of having lights with you if you think there’s any chance you might get caught in the dark!
Also, this ride capped off my first week of 100+ miles.  Cross country training…. 😉

I’m looking forward to your return from Montana so that we can do some more riding together (among other things of course) !!.  It’d be a lot of fun to plan a couple rides of 30-50 miles (w/ stops for snacks and whatnot), and then maybe another charity ride if we can find one that fits well into our schedules :-).

The usual PA bike ride with a bump

Chris Morse really didn’t like this hill… it was pretty funny, because it had several ‘false peaks’ so he was like, “if this isnt the top up here, we need to turn around!”  It was steep, but nothing out of the ordinary really, he’s just a bit of a baby when it comes to hills I think.  Anyhow, it was another good one.  If you ever wanna come back to PA, I’ll take you on it!! 🙂 

KC’s loop – Torrington, Winchester, Highland Lake

For reference, obviously you see Highland Lake, and where we started and stopped (red square with white circle inside) is Casey’s house, and then Brendon’s house is right about where it says “Platt Hill” in the center of the ‘loop’.  I though it was really cool that I got a category 4 climb!!!  Casey was funny because on the climbs he was pushing really hard in the beginning I think, but he wasn’t really showing it and then by the end of the ride he was super tired and took the last few hills really slowly.  He said he wasn’t sure if it was just because he doesn’t bike much, because biking uses muscles differently than running, or if it was the 18mi run he did earlier that day.  I was nice and said it was probably a combination of the two, though.  He had done this ride (without the section around highland lake like we did) with his friend Tony before, who isn’t in any shape at all apparently, so he was like wow we just cruised up those hills!  I guess Tony had to stop a few times, but we didn’t at all.  All in all though, it was a really nice ride so maybe I’ll take you on it sometime 🙂 

I though it was nice that MMR broke down the climbs like this (above)… for some reason I don’t think it did for the King Ferry loop… so I was trying to figure out the percentage by estimating afterwards but this takes all the guess work out of it.

Rachel’s loop + Fenner Rd Hill

 I was happy we got out and did this ride before the reception… it was really nice out and felt good to get some exercise and explore :-).  Map my ride even rated the hill at the beginning as a climb, but only a category 5… meaning it was more than 3% grade for at least 500m.  Not sure what the cutoff is for cat 4, etc…  That’s a mini feather for your hat though! 🙂

Summer Breeze Century Ride For Autism

We did it! Our first official 50 miler! And I didn’t even get hangry… luckily, they had those delicious pb & js, watermelons, oranges, and bananas at that pit stop.

In my new cool shorts and my awesome new gloves (not pictured here) with my sweet new bike computer!

The “fat tire” kids, as a few of the other bikers referred to us as. Maybe we will get lucky and win one of the radical road bikes they are raffling off.

Thanks for carrying everything 🙂

Also, I’m excited to “inadvertently” match you in our new shirts… muahahah.

The camping beforehand was fun, too! I’m glad we got to go to the Fish Tale and get dinner and ice cream, and also that we made it to Cohen’s in the morning for some delicious bagels.

Thanks for bringing the jiffy log and the s’more supplies: