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So on Saturday Mema test drove two Subaru’s that Casey brought home from his dealership.  I biked from home to Casey’s (and back) to check out the cars while they were there.  Here’s the rundown…
2008 Subaru Impreza, Blue with white cloth interior, base model but with upgraded wheels (real rims, not like what I have on my car with hub caps over them), 38,000 miles ~$12,000 or $150/month for 60 months with $5,000 down.
Looks like this one, but with a small spoiler (kinda like mine, the little one above the back window):
2011 Subaru Impreza, White/Silver with black cloth interior, above base model (heated seats, bluetooth, etc.),  20,000 miles ~$16,000 or $250/month for 60 months with $5,000 down.  It’s almost identical to Julie’s…
Just like this one, but it didn’t have the cross bars on it, although it did come with them (the blue one also comes with cross bars, but they weren’t on either):

Ok, now that we’re done with that, onto the stuff your really care about!  
The ride to Casey’s and back ended up being 32.94 miles according to MMR.  To Casey’s was just about 13 miles, and then the way home was 20.  The first part took ~45mins which ended up being 18.8mph average, and the way home took about 1 hr, 15mins which works out to be ~15.5 mph average.  It prolly woulda been a little slower had I not stopped at Casey’s to see the cars, hang out and have a coffee… I guess you could argue that either way though.  Anyhow, my overall average was 16.85 according to my bike computer which was much better than I expected. 🙂  But the MMR elevation graph is deceiving… the hills right after Casey’s house felt much bigger than they look.  I knew they were gonna be bad though bc to go the way home I had chosen, I had to ride over West Hill (a really nice area).  Anyhow, it was perfect weather for a nice long ride so I was really happy.  Before the climb back up from Riverton (the level climb 3), I was a little unsure that I had it in me to keep my pace all the way home.
Hopefully we can get a few more good weather days for bike rides together before it starts snowing and the bikes go into hibernation!     

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  1. That’s a really fast average for all of those crazy hills! Nice work.
    The cars are cool, too; I wonder which one she’ll end up getting. I like the color of the first one, but probably newer is better.

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