Skinny tyres!

5.1 mile test ride – Benidorm to Collinsville & Back (10/26)
6.5 mile quickie before Halloween party – Home to Hartland Pond & Back (10/26)
20.5 mile Sunday eve ride – Home to Pleasant Valley & Back (10/27)
Total miles on Rachel’s new bike, as of 10/27/13: 32.1 miles…
…she’s a spring chicken!!
 Heading out on our first long ride together on our new bikes!
Map, elevation graph and stats of the 20 mile ride yesterday

This never made it on here since it happened during our period of inactivity.  Don’t want my new bike to feel left out though!

3 thoughts on “Skinny tyres!”

  1. I’m not sure if he does or not, but I think it’s a European thing to me.. And yes! You should definitely try out the NRRT tomorrow night 🙂 And then the weekend after this one we can try to go on a ride or two together again.

  2. awww this made my sucky week so much better! 🙂 how nice! I’ll have to try it out on the Nashua River rail trail, maybe tomorrow evening.

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