Seven Sisters Ridgeline Hike

Riding from the West end to the East end of the Seven Sisters section of the M+M trail
(Metacomet-Monadnock).  What a beaut!
Locking our steads up at the Notch visitors center in Amherst, MA.  Pictured before using toilet-paperless outhouse :-O.  From here, we started at the trailhead across the street at the foot of Bear Mt.
Doing tricks on the same tree and taking advantage of the gorillapod.  Looks like one of us was a little more trusting in our ability to execute this trick without falling off!
Sitting pretty on the same downed tree.
 Us doing our signature poses at one of the many view points along the hike.
Notice how they’re side by side and you didn’t have to do it for me.  Guess you were right, you don’t need to change the HTML to make them go side by side.
Cool monument for a military plane that crashed Mt. Holyoke in 1944.
To our surprise, we stumbled upon Barstow’s dairy farm and store at the beginning of our hike.  This is overlooking part of the farm and the store, with the Connecticut river meandering in the background.
 Topo view of the ridge line, and roads that we biked in order to get from the end to the beginning.  Overall, it was a really nice hike.  The tallest peak is only 1010′, but over the course of the 6 mile hike you gain about 2500′.  I wasn’t expecting to be sore the next day because it’s such little mountains, but sure enough I was!

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  1. Imagine how fast we would have been on our road bikes! I was going to ask where you found that topographical map, and then I realized it’s google maps. cool beans!

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