‘Children of the Corn’ Bike Ride

This ride got its name from the other Chris – because the whole thing is through farmland, which is great scenery, but smelly and buggy at times.  You’ll notice though… no hills!  It was crazy how flat it was, which is great (and makes me super spoiled for when I come home and try to ride far), but it was a long time to keep your butt on the seat regardless.  Overall a really nice ride (I always say this), and it taught me the importance of having lights with you if you think there’s any chance you might get caught in the dark!
Also, this ride capped off my first week of 100+ miles.  Cross country training…. 😉

I’m looking forward to your return from Montana so that we can do some more riding together (among other things of course) !!.  It’d be a lot of fun to plan a couple rides of 30-50 miles (w/ stops for snacks and whatnot), and then maybe another charity ride if we can find one that fits well into our schedules :-).

One thought on “‘Children of the Corn’ Bike Ride”

  1. Hahah I like that you included that note about stopping for snacks. Yeah, and then we can buy road bikes, or touring bikes, and go coast to coast!

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