Arabian Horses and Sugar Bowls

On Saturday, Granny took me to Singh Farms in Tempe. It has a farmer’s market vibe, with fresh farm food for sale in baskets inside. There is also a cafe and plenty of outdoor seating in the sunshine. Oh, and look what I’m bringing home with me!

Just kidding; I wish! There were a bunch of cute goats running around and quite a few goat milk products for sale. Granny took this goat from a sweet little girl so that I could take a picture with it; that’s a grandmother’s love <3.

We ordered juice blends, a cinnamon roll, a breakfast biscuit, and quiche, which we enjoyed while we surveyed the families playing corn hole and other games on the green grass. Granny thought that my smoothie sounded disgusting, since it had broccoli and kale in it, but I rather enjoyed it. Hers was an orange juice blend; also delicious:

Yup, I ate both of those (JK – the quiche was Granny’s, and I took half of my biscuit as leftovers).

After Granny picked out some fresh radishes, carrots, and pretzels to buy, we made our way back to her apartment, where we relaxed and drank a few local beers.

We had a big night planned; the Arabian Horse Show was in town! Oh, snap! We went with Granny’s friend Janet, and we tried to pick who we thought would win each competition. Janet was right about the driving competition. I also talked to Janet about how she used to own a store in Slaterville Springs outside of Ithaca, NY, where my mom grew up! We didn’t stay long enough to see who won the last competition that we watched, because it was getting to be past our bedtime.

The next day, after going to church with Granny, she took me to the Sugar Bowl! She knows me so well. 

What a sweet treat! Yup, I ate that whole ice cream sundae by myself (although, it took two rounds; I had to bring some of it home to finish later).

Granny had Janet and Joe over for a steak dinner. Joe definitely reminds me of Ron Swanson. He used to coach golf, so we decided that I would take Janet’s place on the golf course at 7:30AM the next day with him. So, on Monday, I completed two full rounds of golf! Well, almost; I got to the 16th hole on the round that I played in the afternoon with Granny. I won’t elaborate on my performance, but, the good news is that I hit the ball most of the times that I swung at it. I also now know terms like “pin” (why they don’t just call a spade a spade and go with the word “flag”, I have no idea), mulligan (I got a lot of those), and bogey (I got none of those).

Overall, I had a really wonderful time visiting Granny, and she treated me like royalty!

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