Bozeman Part V: Jellystone National Park

We drove down through Paradise Valley to Yellowstone National Park. On our way in, we picked up a national parks pass for the year, so that we can use it on our bike trip across the country; we found out that one pass lets four bicycles in. Since it was still early in the year, there weren’t very many people around.

We had a very nice chauffeur:
We saw quite a few animals, too.
“Elk? Where?”
Some sheep that don’t have their big horns yet, way up high on a rocky cliff:
You look as cool as a polar bear… but wait–that’s not ice, that’s Palette Spring at Mammoth Hot Springs!
We even got to hang out in the Boiling River, which a spot in the Yellowstone River where a hot spring flows in and mixes with the cold river. You can stand in the river and have one foot be ice cold, and the other boiling hot! It was a nice finale for our Bozeman trip.

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