Bozeman Part IV: The Bridger Foothills

Many thanks to Sam, the other middle child, for lending us his hardtail and his cool new full suspension bike. It even had a dropper seatpost, just like a desk chair! I had not seen one of them before.

My parents hiked along behind us and proved that even though they may be able to get the senior breakfast at Perkins now, they can still beat us back to the car:
IMG_0909We biked the Bridger Foothills trail from the M to the top of Sypes:
To finish off the day, we visited the Lockhorn Cider House in downtown Bozeman, where we sampled each variety of cider. It was much drier than any other cider that I’ve had, and we both really enjoyed it. Your favorite was the hops variety, while mine was their traditional dry apple. The bourbon reserve had too much of a smokey flavor to it to be to my liking, so you finished that one for me. I also liked the ginger, and the habanero had a fun kick to it. Since they had just run out of chocolate truffles, we’ll have to go back someday to try one:

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