Bike Trip Summer 2018

Our next touring adventure is approaching.

We’ve cycled across the country, so now it’s time to cycle down it! The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route follows the Continental Divide, starting in Canada and going to the border of Mexico.

This trip will be more leisurely than our cross country trip (don’t roll your eyes), so we’re hopeful to have some of you come and bike sections with us! We’ve planned for an average of 30-50 miles per day (compare to 71 from our cross country trip), and only 10% of the route is on pavement this time!

We will be carrying a Spot (; since we will be away from civilization for portions of the ride.  If one of us gets hurt, we can use the Spot tracker to call for help, allowing us to stay together instead of the uninjured person having to bike for help.

We have a meager two weddings to attend this summer, compared to 12 last year, and we are incorporating both into our trip. My childhood friend and neighbor is getting married in Michigan on June 9th, so we will attend her wedding on our drive out to Bozeman. Then, our college pal will be getting married at Grand Targhee on July 28th, so we will be detouring to bike to her wedding (TBD how we get our suit and dress there… 😉 ).

We also plan to reroute to spend some quality time at my (dad’s) family’s cabin near Big Piney, Wyoming since Chris has never been there!

Let us know if you want to ride a section (or the whole thing 😉 ) with us! We would be happy to have you join us at whatever pace you are comfortable with. Also, our timeline allows for 20+ days off the bike, so we would love to meet up with you to hike or to explore somewhere along the route.  It goes by a lot of cool places (Jasper, Banff, Glacier, Yellowstone, Tetons, etc.)! We’ve uploaded the maps to Google Drive in case you want to check the route to consider options.  These are the older set of maps; we will be getting another set in the Spring, with minor changes and an extension from Banff to Jasper. You can also see the maps online here:

Tentative Dates:

Much Love,
Chris & Rachel

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