Bonus Bottle Cage with Salsa Anything Cage HD

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Above: The finished product, with a Klean Canteen 64oz in the Salsa Anything Cage, and a Clean Bottle in the extra water bottle cage I added to the back of the Anything Cage.

Extra water storage is always helpful for bikepacking.  Below I detailed a hack I came up with for mounting an extra bottle cage behind the Salsa Anything Cages on my fork.  I’m very happy with it, so I figured I’d share for anyone out there who is working on dialing in their own bikepacking rig.  Happy trails!

Voilà! You now have space for two more water bottles on your bike!  Here are some finished pictures, showing the setup, sans bottles!

If you look close, you’ll see that the bracket bends, so that only the duct tape on the strapping contacts the bottle in the Anything Cage, not the bolt heads! And on the other side the end of the bolts and the nuts are tucked within the base of the standard bottle cage.

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