White Water Rafting (25)

Chris asked me the other day if I wonder whether our friends wake up each morning and think, ‘Wow, Chris and Rachel are biking again today.’ So, every once in a while, it’s nice to do something other than biking. Today, we went white water rafting.

We had an awesome guide, Jen. The Novaks, a family of Floridians, were our rafting companions. Their son, Blake, Chris, and I all fell in when we were surfing a rapid called the Big Hole

Another family of four, the Brockman’s from St. Louis, gave us some good tips on places to check out as we venture westward.

The rocks and the rapids have some fun and terrifying names, such as the Butcher’s Block, Greyhound, and the Grindstone.

 We stopped to jump off of this big rock:

We got to float under the same bridge that we biked over yesterday.

 We had a blast and would highly recommend ACE!

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    1. Yeah! That’s cool that you knew that. Apparently, on the annual “Bridge Day”, it’s closed to traffic, and a ton of base jumpers give it a go.

  1. What fun, and you look so refreshed!! It’s great that you could spend the day with other families too.

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