Valentine’s Weekend Tradition

For the second Valentine’s Day in a row, we skied at Mad River Glen and Sugarbush. This year, you even found a Sugarbush patch to add to your ski bag. It was certainly cold; the worst was Sunday, when it was -7°F, with  a wind chill of -31°F. We still made it through the day with only one extra break to warm up!

tree skiing at Sugarbush
Thanks for making a reservation at Asiana House in Montpelier for Valentine’s Day. It was delicious, especially after a full day of skiing!

Food at Asiana HouseAnd for dessert, we got chocolate wasted back at the hotel:


Match Made in Heaven<3

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  1. The snow at MRG for the 15th certainly made up for the cold temps though! And those definitely weren’t the same chocolates we shared at the hotel 🙂 Those must have been the bonus box which I see you have been working on.

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