Somerville Snowpocalypse Livin’

We’ve had some nice sunrises:
Icicle SunriseAnd some nice sunsets (cue Fiddler on the Roof):
DSC00134And lots and lots of snow:
Snow over the rooftopsIt makes it difficult to find parking:
snow on streetAnd difficult to walk on the sidewalk:
snowy sidewalkThere was plenty of snow on the roof outside of my window:
DSC00196I made some comfort dishes while I was cooped up inside: Thai Pineapple Chicken Curry and some Cashew Chicken :
DSC00121 DSC00190

One thought on “Somerville Snowpocalypse Livin’”

  1. I hope you were tied off when you were shoveling off that roof without a railing!

    “elevations of four feet in general industry workplaces…” I’m pretty sure that roof is above 4 feet. Mary should provide you with a harness.

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