Trip Companions

Welp, the rumors are true: my parents are officially joining us for a segment of the trip in Montana! Their broken bones from ski and hockey season have healed sufficiently. Chris and I shipped our hardtail mountain bikes out to Bozeman, MT for them to get used to riding, and, although they have both already crashed on them (unfortunately, this is not at all surprising; for some reason, Hogues tend to be reckless AND uncoordinated– best combination ever!), they are both still gung-ho about going. Thanks to my brother, Wesley, and his wife, Meagan, for taking them for a practice ride, although I doubt the GDMBR will be anywhere near as treacherous:

Also exciting: our friends Andy and Sylvia are going to be ditching their kids for a few weeks to drive from Somers, Connecticut to Colorado to join us for a section of trail in early August! Chris worked with Andy at the Dennis Group before our 2015 bike trip; Andy is responsible for feeding a dangerous addiction by introducing Chris to road bikes, brevets, cyclocross, and other forms of bicycling.

The fun doesn’t stop there! Chris’ brother, Casey, and his wife, Julie, are flying from Connecticut to Denver in August to do some hiking with us. Although their dog ate their Colorado todo list the other day, I do know that part of the plan is to hike a few 14-ers. They are also going to be staying at the Stanley Hotel for a night – brave souls!

Finally, we think we convinced our friend Jon G (one of those names that the first letter of the last name has become a part of, so much so that it feels weird and wrong to just say Jon…) to drive from Flagstaff, AZ to meet us at some ice caves in New Mexico!

So much fun to look forward to!

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  1. It’s great that you have your Mom and Dad, as well as other friends and family, joining you on this exciting adventure!! We’ll look forward to hearing the stories! Aunt Bonnie and Ken

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