Pro Athletes

We heard that if you are sponsored, you are an professional athlete. We are choosing to embrace that statement, whether or not it’s true.

A huge thank you to Maine Bike Works for sponsoring our trip!! As if they haven’t done enough already, they are now funding part of our trip. Jason suggested that we use a good portion of their contribution to go towards ice cream; he doesn’t even know how far I’m going to take that suggestion.

They also organized a get-together last Wednesday evening at Barreled Souls Brewing Company in Saco, Maine for anyone interested to hear about our trip. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, including Chris’ brother, Corey!

4 thoughts on “Pro Athletes”

    1. That’s awesome!! Still so bummed that traffic kept me and the rest of MICK away… . But see?? You should really move to Maine after your adventure!!!

      1. It meant so much to us that you intended to come, Kate!! We so missed seeing you and the kids, but it was awesome to have Corey there. Haha, yes, you do live in a beautiful state full of happy people!

    2. Thank you, Leah! We were so surprised and excited when MBW reached out to us! We are more than happy to represent such a great shop.

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