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Mansfield Hollow CX ’16

For my second cyclocross race, I joined my friend Andy again, at Mansfield Hollow Cross in Mansfield, CT.  Coming from Boston, I arrived a little late and had barely enough time to register, ride one practice lap, and make it to the start before the Cat 4/5 race started.

That’s me!  Thank you, unknown photographer! I initially regretted my decision to wear fingerless gloves because of the cold but it didn’t take long to warm up.

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National Bike Travel Weekend

Rachel and I had been wanting to go for a short bike tour this Spring, so National Bike Travel Weekend was the perfect opportunity!  We decided we would do an overnight trip to Cape Cod and back, initially planning to carry camping gear but starting South of Boston to make for a relaxed trip.  We were delighted, though, when our friend Ashley told us she had recently inherited a bike, was interested in joining us, and that we could stay with her grandmother in Brewster!

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The sled dogs

Despite a lack of preparation and a less-than-ideal weather forecast, I signed up for my first Brevet ride which took place last weekend.  The weather turned out great, except for one brief (but long/heavy enough to fill our shoes) period of rain.  I was joined by my friend and former colleague Andy, but also made another friend/riding partner in the process, James (also from my former employer).

000_EDIT_Shelburne Falls 200k Brevet
Andy and I shortly after finishing.

We were fortunate to ride with a few others who knew the route, which saved us from constantly referring to the cue sheet.  The route was top-notch, aside from some sections of rough road, with some great scenery to boot.  Also, I heard a good analogy that I won’t soon forget.  Andy and I lead a group of 10 (or so) cyclists astray.  It was an easy mistake to correct, but they were surprised  because we seemed so confident in our decision.  Andy replied, saying something like, “You can think of us as the sled dogs… we may take the front and pull you along, but we certainly don’t know where we’re going.”