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Julie’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

On Thursday night, to celebrate my 25th birthday, Tori made reservations at Cafe Sushi in Harvard Square, and invited Robin, Nina, Ashley, and Molly. It was delicious! Tori and I split an entire bottle of wine. The fun didn’t end there, though.  For dessert, they took me out to Finale Desserterie and Bakery, which was mm mm good! Divine is probably the correct word to use.


Then on Friday night, I was off to Foxwoods to hang out with your brother’s future wife.
I know how much you like leopard print (NOT). I took this girls’ night as an opportunity to wear my scandalous leopard dress:

20140720-165634-60994729.jpgAt the buffet we went to, there were so many options. I wasted so much food. I somehow still managed to fit this in my tummy, though:

20140720-060747-22067094.jpgUnfortunately, you weren’t at your house when I got there on Saturday. Instead, I watched Christmas/dog themed movies with your dad on the Hallmark channel.  At least someone was waiting for me!

20140720-164532-60332656.jpgYou did make up for it, though, by bringing yummy donuts for breakfast. And by giving me lots of presents for the annibirthday–now my touring bike is getting close to fully outfitted! You had better buy one soon so that you can catch up to me.


I sat in the swinging wooden love seat with my dad at the cottage and watched this cotton candy sunset.

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa at the farm on Monday night, and I got this great mother-daughter picture. They made me take about ten before they settled on this one.


This cute guy followed my mom and I home on our walk today. He wanted to go inside, but my mom said no.

photo 1(1)

So then he gave me googley eyes and tried super hard to go in the garage, but I said, “Sorry Koone; no can do,” and gave him a nice scratch before I went inside.

photo 2(1)

Tim Pond Scenery

This is one of the gates that you have to get through to get into Tim Pond. It is at the top of the hill where I called you from. As you can see, I took this while I was up there on my bike to talk to you, but I thought it would be a fitting picture to start this post off with.

These next two pictures are pretty self-explanatory. On the left is K-lee in the pond just down a little path from our cabins, so it can give you a little perspective on the size of the pond and what the view is like. On the right is a hammock which is also near our cabins. I took my book and read in it one nice day. With a pillow its a perfect spot for reading.

The next picture is of my book, “Alaska BEAR Tales” It is really good, I’m only half way through it, but hopefully I will keep going and finish it at home. It spooked me a little bit when I was up late reading it with my headlamp after the lights went out at night. It made me keep looking around all the time I went out biking on the dirt roads alone. The picture below to the right is of me at the shale pit. It was about a 4 mile ride to the bottom of the hill that goes up to the pit, which as you can see overlooks the pond and the surrounding area. Its a little off-kilter because I put it on a self timer on a loose rock on the wall. But it worked out pretty well, and then I rode down the wall and down the big hill and back to camp which in the larger version of the picture you can make out. The left grip on my handlebars covers up most of it though, and it is pretty tough to see.

This is the view of camp from the boat, one night we went out fishing. This was before harvey (one of the owners of the camp and the owner of the plane) left. And I missed him leaving, because I like watching planes take off and land, especially on the pond. And he always buzzes the camp after he takes off. Anyways, I thought it was a good picture

This blurry little picture is of the coyote Casey and I saw while fishing one night. It was really dark and the shore was pretty far away, but you can make out its figure. Casey thought he was hunting some birds on the shore or something. He hung out for a while while we fished.

This picture I took from my bike while Casey and I were biking around the pond. I had an opportunity to get a better picture of her when we first saw her, because we were pretty close and she was facing us, but I didn’t have my camera out. And she got a little bit ahead of us while I was getting my camera out, but I managed to get this picture of her running ahead while I was riding.

As you can see, we all had a really good time relaxing, eating well, and doing a few outdoorsy activities. Even the dogs had a good time together, especially Clarke and Grover this day!!

I don’t know why this is all underlined..

This last picture on the left is of me on the phone with you at the top of the hill, looking the other way. On the other side, it was finally time to leave :(. That’s a picture of Willy and Grover waiting to leave in the back of Jon’s car.

I have plenty of other pictures I will post about the hike we did, and then just other randoms hanging out at camp. I will show you the rest when you are here.