Julie’s Bachelorette Party Weekend

On Thursday night, to celebrate my 25th birthday, Tori made reservations at Cafe Sushi in Harvard Square, and invited Robin, Nina, Ashley, and Molly. It was delicious! Tori and I split an entire bottle of wine. The fun didn’t end there, though.  For dessert, they took me out to Finale Desserterie and Bakery, which was mm mm good! Divine is probably the correct word to use.


Then on Friday night, I was off to Foxwoods to hang out with your brother’s future wife.
I know how much you like leopard print (NOT). I took this girls’ night as an opportunity to wear my scandalous leopard dress:

20140720-165634-60994729.jpgAt the buffet we went to, there were so many options. I wasted so much food. I somehow still managed to fit this in my tummy, though:

20140720-060747-22067094.jpgUnfortunately, you weren’t at your house when I got there on Saturday. Instead, I watched Christmas/dog themed movies with your dad on the Hallmark channel.  At least someone was waiting for me!

20140720-164532-60332656.jpgYou did make up for it, though, by bringing yummy donuts for breakfast. And by giving me lots of presents for the annibirthday–now my touring bike is getting close to fully outfitted! You had better buy one soon so that you can catch up to me.


I sat in the swinging wooden love seat with my dad at the cottage and watched this cotton candy sunset.

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa at the farm on Monday night, and I got this great mother-daughter picture. They made me take about ten before they settled on this one.

2 thoughts on “Julie’s Bachelorette Party Weekend”

  1. You look very pretty in the picture on the top though 🙂 (not that you don’t in the at Foxwoods, but…). I’m sure it helps that you’re holding two cakes, because then you were truly happy. And happy people are typically better looking than sad people.

    I’m willing to bet that those cakes weren’t gluten free…

  2. Divine always seems to be the word.

    Now I’m suspicious about you being sick on Friday night though. Perhaps it was the half bottle of wine Thursday night which started the ill-feeling. Then you went to the bachelorette party and engorged yourself at the buffet, but still forced yourself to eat that big piece of cake.

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