Relaxing a Little

It was fun trying out your new panniers by getting corn on the cob and some yummy plums from the corn stand in Winsted. Now we know what Silver Queen corn is.

Hanging out at the pond was nice, even though it was a little cold.

Walking the dogs with your Dad helped burn off a few more calories before we enjoyed the corn.


I liked going to Popover Cafe and Bakery after church on Sunday, Your muffin was delicious, and my turkey club was good, too.


Our Sunday bike ride to the dam was nice, too. I like your idea to take my parents there if we have time.

One thought on “Relaxing a Little”

  1. It was a shame that we didn’t get a warm afternoon for hanging at the pond, but it was still nice to be there to relax and go for a quick swim. But it was fun to go for that ride and actually have a purpose for using our bags… me for carrying our books, you for carrying the corn 🙂

    Also, the pictures at the reservoir look really nice – it definitely would be fun to do that ride with your parents… but now that I think about it, there are plenty of other rides we could do that are less strenuous and have just as much to offer in terms of scenery. It all depends on what your parents want to do and what their schedule looks like, if we don’t go on a bike ride with them it’s okay, I was just thinking if they’re hanging out for the day and we need something to do. If that’s the case though and its a nice day, we could still probably just go to the pond and hang out.

    And it wasn’t a muffin, it was a scone!

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