2 thoughts on “Speaking My Language”

  1. haha yea you’re really good at giving gifts! pffft I told you so many times already that I don’t want Mr. Moneybags! My favorite gifts so far may be those wooden pictures…. I did this on Sunday, haha. And nooo I definitely have a different love language than my mom. We both clean when we’re upset, so maybe that’s what you were thinking of… because that’s service stuff.

  2. woah! receiving gifts tied for #1. I wouldn’t have guessed that about you. But thats good because I like giving gifts, I just hope you arent disappointed because I’m not Mr. Moneybags!

    I’m happy to see quality time up there for you too though :-). And I thought you said that yours was going to be similar to your moms (acts of service right?) When did you do this?

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