5 thoughts on “Mt. Monadnock!”

  1. haha oh ye when we were on the rocks. I really liked that day, too 🙂 And now I have this lovely picture on my shelf in my room. I brought the other wooden piece to work. Everyone who comes by notices it and goes, “Wow, that’s pretty cool,” or something like that. I can’t wait for more trips! What movie did we watch that night? Was it Unknown? And I don’t know why I only ate 1 piece! My stomach is screwy.

  2. Yeah I found monadnock state park on the map and it said it was in Dublin. I think this picture was taken when we were off the trail haha :-). I miss that hike, that was a fun day adventure, even though we both got wet feet on a really cold day (yours worse than mine though). And then we saw the nice sunset and had a nice ride together and then explored yankee candle and got a very so-so dinner. and then a very so-so movie too haha! I want to do more day trips like that together though 🙂

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