Rainy Day in Buffalo (15)

We slept in past nine today- our latest so far this trip! It must have been the steak filling our stomachs, and the soft, real pillows that we got to lay our heads on.

It was a bummer wake to a dreary, rainy view outside the window, and find that it was going to continue for the rest of the day.  So, rather than rush out, we sat down with some delicious pancakes, courtesy of Dave, and got so caught up talking and swapping stories with him and Mary, that it was past one before we knew it!

Dave & Mary offered for us to stay another night, and to show us around Buffalo for the day.  We were worried that we might be overstaying our welcome, but after some insisting on their part we took them up on their offer.

Our first stop of the Buffalo tour was Campus Wheelworks in Elmwood Village, where Chris bought a fancy new Brooks cambium saddle for his trusty steed (his bum thanks him).   Afterward, we continued the driving tour and found that Buffalo is a  really neat city that is beginning to see a resurgence. Accordingly, we visited a brewery called Resurgence to try some new brews. Chris’ favorite was the Resurgence IPA, while I liked the Summer Saison.

The brewery has a fun ambiance; located in a big, old building with a few leaks in the roof (luckily we found a dry picnic table). All around the tables, games such as giant Jenga and corn hole were played.

Once our stomachs were full and our heads were starting to spin a little, we left the brewery to get some dinner at Pizza Plant. This pizzeria has a menu item called a pod, which seems to be a variation of a calzone. We each ordered a different pod, which were quite large and tasty; Chris was glad he didn’t go for the mega size!

Blissfully buzzing from the drinks and nearly nauseous from our over-full stomachs, we headed back to Dave and Mary’s for one more treat.

We were graced by the presence of Moose (nickname for Michael), a third Barabasz brother! We heard some fun tales of the brothers’ escapades, and even watched a video of their trip to Glacier National Park with Robin.

Thank you to Dave, Mary, and Moose for all of the hospitality and entertainment! We had a fantastic time exploring Buffalo and spending time with you.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Day in Buffalo (15)”

  1. What? All that time in Buffalo and no wings???

    When in Rome do as the Romans do and when in Buffalo eat wings!

    1. We did drive by the restaurant that supposedly started the buffalo wing, but apparently it has new ownership and the wings just aren’t as good anymore. So nope, no buffalo wings!

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