Longhorns and Warm Showers (33)

This morning, we left the campsite around seven, hoping to cover half of our daily mileage by noon.

 We have left the Appalachians, which are known locally as the Cumberland Mountains, and have entered what is known as the Bluegrass Region, which consists of farmland on rolling hills.

About 23 miles west of Berea, we came across a longhorn cattle farm with a sign for cyclist camping which was not shown on our TransAmerica Trail map. A woman, Donna, came over and introduced herself to us. She asked us to spread the word to other cyclists on the route about the camping available there, and sent us off with some frozen water bottles and some longhorn beef jerky. It was delicious! Thanks, Donna!

We stopped for lunch in Fort Harris State Park in Harrodsburg, where they were preparing for a Civil War re-enactment.

 It’s another hot and steamy day in Kentucky!

In the afternoon, we caught up to another group following the TransAmerica Trail, this time of three British guys, James, Dan, and Ed, all with matching bikes.

For the first time on our trip, we are trying Warm Showers, an online network of cyclists and friends of cyclists who offer up their homes and services such as laundry and meals to other touring cyclists.

In the late afternoon, a storm rolled in just before we made it to our hosts’ house for the night. We ducked out of it under some trees beside someone’s yard.

While we were there, the dog from the adjacent house wandered over to say Hi.  He reminded us of Doug from the movie “Up”.

Once the rain died down, we pedalled the last mile of the day to Paul and Katie’s house. They provided us with a great dinner and dessert, a soft bed, a clean shower and a puppy named Dungey for us to play with. Thank you so much for taking us in, Katie and Paul!

Trip stats, to date (Day 33)

  • Berea, KY to Bardstown, KY
  • Daily mileage: 85.3mi;  Trip total to date: 1,919.9mi
  • Daily riding time: 7hr 09min;  Trip total time: 171hr 38min
  • Daily ascent: 4,728ft;  Trip total ascent: 104,799ft
  • Flat tires: Rachel – 1; Chris – 0

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  1. Love that you guys are killin it! The comment about the dog (Doug) made me laugh. Cheering for you from boston 🙂 xo

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