Wild penguin attackI know you already saw this video, but I thought it was worth saving.  This guy is definitely the man, and his video gets me excited for our trip!  I think it’s a great way to document the trip, but unfortunately, I doubt (no offense) that we could produce our own that would be nearly as much fun to watch :-/.  I wouldn’t be against trying, though, if you wanted.  I suppose if we did try and were relatively successful, we could use it as our Amazing Race audition tape… 🙂

Anyhow, my favorite part was when he said he was overtaken 1,000 times and finally took revenge, while showing the clip of him passing a bus down a big hill.  A close second though, IMHO, was when he mentioned and showed a clip of getting attacked by wild penguins!

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  1. That’s a brilliant idea to use it in our Amazing Race applications! Let’s give it a try. I bet you’d have some good one liners. Ha that is funny when he passes the truck in that video.

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