Getting rear ended is blue…

…. especially when the car you’re driving is only ~6 weeks old, with your girlfriend’s several month old bike rack holding your year old bike on the back of it.IMG_0001Hey, where’d all the glass go?IMG_0005That doesn’t look right…IMG_0006Ohhh…. that’s where all the glass went!!

It’s sad that my bike and car got beat up in one fell swoop, but I must say that your bike rack did a good job keeping either of them from getting seriously damaged… so for that I appreciate both of you (you and your rack :-p).  I promise that it will be replaced though; after-all, not fixing it promptly would be grounds for getting “Robin’ed”!!

One thought on “Getting rear ended is blue…”

  1. hahah who knew that Robin’s actions would benefit me so much! 😀

    I’m glad that you are OK, and that your bike is mostly OK!

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